SOMOS holds workshops in conjunction with all their performances and/or independently. You can book SOMOS’s workshops throughout the year. Below is an example of a dance workshop in conjunction with a performance, in which case all the dancers from the show will participate.

You are welcome to contact SOMOS to receive a proposal based on your specific requirements. Contact us >



The dance workshop is 90 minutes long, including 60 min dance and 30 min conversation. Students should wear comfortable clothes and be prepared to sweat, we dance barefoot or in sneakers. A stereo system with powerful speakers and CD player/mp3 output is required.



The aim of the workshop, as well as the performance, is to awaken an understanding of the strength in our differences. Differences like: different skin color, different genders, different identities, different ages, different ways of being; anything that differs from the norm or from our own point of reference. The objective is to act as role models; SOMOS’s dancers come from various dance styles, countries and backgrounds, and have managed to come together through our differences. That experience can be applied to any situation, a way of thinking based on openness.

In the workshop, the young people participate in a dance class and gain knowledge of Afro-Cuban and Street dance by trying out both styles. They get first hand experience of how two people can come together despite their differences in the finishing part of the dance class, when we mix the styles and show how SOMOS’s own dancers have come together through our differences. 



After a one hour dance workshop we all gather in a circle on the floor and talk for thirty minutes about the message of our project and our performance. Through open conversation, we want to awaken young people's minds and thoughts about diversity and its positive effects. With the message that diversity is strength, and that EVERYONE is needed with their differences. I am because you are, we are.

One dancer will lead the talk based on the concepts of identity, gender, nationality, being different- what is different? How can we take advantage of each other's differences, instead of dissociating ourselves from anything which is different than ourselves?

Ideally the young people see the performance prior to the workshop to get a sense of context around their experiences in the workshop, but also to raise their interest in professional dance and the performing arts. 

During touring, and in conjunction with the major productions, there will be one Street dancer and one Afro-Cuban dancer in each workshop.



1 hour 30 minutes





Stereo system with powerful speakers and CD player/mp3 output is required.